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D. J. Wright Entertaining
With a Smile
Glitter Tattoo's
Great for
Pool Parties, a Ladies Night Out Party, a Wedding Party, or..Any other time, just for the fun of it.
Hi, I am
D. J. The Face Painter and  Balloon Artist,

Feel free to visit my web sites, and then contact me. I would love to come to your Event, Party, or Church and put smiles on every face.
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            Special Note -
            D. J. Does Not                   use unsafe  Face Paints. Check out my    page on Snazaroo Face Paints
Entertaining with Balloons, Face Painting, Glitter Tattoo's, Sleight of hand, and more.
The pictures will take you to the site of each entertainer. Please be sure to click on the pictures below, then come back and let me know what you think. Remember to sign the guest books, and call or email me to come and make your Party, Pool Party, Event, Grand Opening, VBS, Appreciation Party, Church Service, one you and your family & friends will never forget.
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You know one of
the things I really
like about
Face Painting.
Seeing the parents,
guardians, smile.
You hear them in
the line grumbling
about the heat,
or the long line,
or problems in thier
lives, or, or, or........
Then they see the
child stand up from
the chair, with a
grrrrrrrrr, or a
big smile, a really
happy painted face.
Then "Boom"
Just like that, the
adult does the
wonderful thing.
They - " SMILE " -
All those cares are
put on hold. That is
one of the things I
really like about
Face Painting.
Places D. J. has been to, 
Face Painting
is great for any time......

Balloon Creations
* Napanee BIA, ScareCrow Festival, Movie Night, Mini Fair ( Balloon Creations/ Face Painting )
* Birthday Parties, Napanee, Kingston, NewBurgh,
* Tamworth - Hay Day
* Good Year Napanee
Balloon Creations - Christmas Parties, and Summer Picnics.
Harrowsmith - Canada Day, Family Day, Waterfront Festival ( Face Painting / Balloon Creations )
Gananoque - Gormue of the Town, Santa Picture Day
                   ( Face Painting and Balloon Creations)
Deseronto - Waterfront Festival, Family Day, Canada Day, Deseronto                        Peticostal Church
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Baby Belly
Fun idea for a Shower gift, or month by month art to show the changes. Relaxing for mom and baby.