D. J. The Face Painter started face painting in 1993 with the Good News Trailer.
She started by doing small pictures that tell the Gospel message, then in 1995 went to the Buskers Festival, and found out that they wanted more than that, so she started doing full face's.
D. J. paints on faces, arm's, legs, backs, necks, and even feet.
D. J. only uses FDA approved Face Paints. They are top quality paints, because your child deserves the best. Also, D. J. has a very senitive face, and if she can where it, she knows that it is good. For more information on the paint D. J. uses, go to www.snazaroo.us

Please email me for more information on prices and dates.
D. J. The Face Painter

D. J.
The Face Painter would love to come to your Event and change faces and bodies into .......
whatever you
want to be.
You know one of the things I really like about Face Painting. Seeing the parents,grandparents,guardians, smile. You hear them in the line grumbling about the heat, or the long line, or problems in thier lives, or, or, or........Then they see the child stand up from the chair, with a grrrrrrrrr, or a big smile, a really happy painted face.
Then "Boom" Just like that, the adult does the wonderful thing.
They - " SMILE " - All those cares are put on hold. That is one of the things I really like about Face Painting.
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