Important Safety Notice:
D. J. The Face Painter, DOES NOT use harmful acrylic paints or other craft paints.
Many nonprofessional cheek art face painters use potentially dangerous products and are uninsured.
D. J. The Face Painter and other professional face painters try to educate the public on the potential dangers of using acrylic and other craft paints on the skin.
Remember: Non-Toxic does not mean safe for use on the skin. It only means it is not fatal if it is ingested.
So, even if you choose not to use my services, make sure you are dealing with a face painter who uses safe products and practices. Also, ask if they have public liability insurance.
I believe in customer safety!!! I take great pride in my work and hygienic practices. I always do my best to ensure the safety of my clients, my products, and my work area.
I use only the highest quality water-based paints that are designed for face and body painting. My paints are cosmetic grade, hypoallergenic, and contain only FDA compliant ingredients that have been tested and approved as safe for use on children. My paints even contain an antibacterial agent which helps to prevent the spread of germs. I use Snazaroo paints and glitter. Go to for more information.
I use a different sponge for each child, and my brushes are cleaned after each use. All brushes and sponges are cleaned and sanitized after each event. Any application to the lips is done with cotton swabs which are then disposed of.
Only high quality, cosmetic grade, super fine cut, polyester dry glitters and glitter gels are used.
All tattoo inks and adhesives are cosmetic grade, and can be removed with 91% alcohol, or baby oil.
I am a member of Clowns Canada, and I am insured through Clowns Canada insurance, A copy of my insurance can be made available upon request for events requiring documentation.

Face Painting
The Safety of your child and event comes first